730+ Whatsapp Status Ideas – Love, Funny, Sad, Attitude in Hindi & English

Updating any cheezy status on your wall is not a thing you want to do today so stop visiting random sites producing s#it load of content without making any sense, everything you update on social media shows who are you from inside, help people predict what’s up with you and how are you feeling today without having direct communication but it’s only possible how impressive was your last status update.

Today Whatsapp messenger has become a daily utility app and I would say an essential element of our daily routine and making the best of use of it is when you are updating right status about your feelings, WhatsApp allows people to communicate, make calls, make video calls, put stories as status on wall, and make payment with other plenty of features like sending location, contacts, files, videos, songs etc.

People often put tik-tok clips as WhatsApp status, some post crazy videos, some posting Bollywood videos and movie scenes and there are a major number of people who want to be creative and updates things out of the league, in this post we are sharing some of the best whatsapp status in categories like – Attitude, Love, Funny, Attitude, Cool, Birthday, Newyear etc.

Other than this we have put these categories in multi-language so our readers other than english and hindi can also enjoy our content, well! before starting how about WhatsApp status images and videos? well we have them too in this post, obviously, a 730+ long list of Whatsapp status ideas is incomplete without your favourite images and videos.

Whatsapp Status 2019:

Attitude Whatsapp Status in Hindi & English

We know our readers love hindi quotes and this is what they want to put on their status so in this list we have got plenty of hindi attitude status ideas along with the english ones, so just start copying the unique collection of Attitude whatsapp status by 100status.com exclusively for our readers-

Bada gussa ata hai un relatives se has k baat karke jinka sir fodne ka bas ek moka chahiye

Main 2 bardan le k paida hua hun, ek bahut achchha hone ka or jo pange le unki g**d marne ka

Galti kar karke itna seekha hai ki ab dil karta hai kuchh or galtiya karta rahu

Sabko khush karna namumkin hai par sab ko piss off wali feeling dena utna he assan or mazedar hai.

Dekh Shona!

Photo meri achchi hai.

Soch meri sachchi hai,

fir bhi me tushe pasand na aya to

baby tu abhi bachchi hai.

Mere bare main itna mat sochna, valentine par ata hu, rakhi par nahi.

Jitni tune pdhai kar rakhi hai, usse zada tere raza ne college main ladai kar rakhi hai

Reply dhang ka hona chahiye, hmmmmm to bhains bhi karti hai.

Mujhe chhod kar tu khush hai to shikayat kaisi, jo tujhe khush na dekh sake wo mohabbat kaisi.

Ye tera chehra hai ya kele ka chhilka, dekhte he dil fisal gaya!

Whenever i look at you, I am glad your parents that night didnt sleep.

Akela rahne de mujhko, barna pyar ho jayega tujhko

Dekh baby! zodi bhale aasmaan main banti ho magar setting to zameen par he karni padti hai.

Attitude English Status

Dear Girls! Be a Girl wid Brain, a women with attitude and a lady wid class.

Treat me like a queen and i’ll treat you like a king.

Try to treat me like a game and i will show you how it’s played.

Failing is an accident, become a failure is a choice.

A girl should be two things: Classy & Fabulous

Some things were better lost than found.

I am the dream, you are the dreamer!

Lion is called king of jungle because of his power not because people voted.

Why fit it? when you were born to standout.

Self-confidence is the best outfit and you can buy it without money.

Whether it’s a game of cards or life, I show my ace when i see king.

In any fight it’s the guy who is willing to die who is gonna win that inch.

Love Status in Hindi & English

Love is just a feeling if not expressed and what better platform can be than whatsapp where the person you love can know your feelings just through status updates!

Understanding this we have combined this section of our 730+ WhatsApp status collection with some cute and lovely WhatsApp status ideas for couples, girlfriend, boyfriends, wife, husband and best friends having the crush on each other.

Are you looking for cute and romantic whatsapp status collection to express your love in your whatsapp status feed to someone special? then this is the best post on the internet you will find-

Just not status updates, you can use these quotes that our creative team has drafted for you as whatsapp text and messages and show your feelings in chat box whether personal of the group.

These are some of the lovliest quotes we have collected from all over the internet for our readers so that they can show their feelings in the extra unique way and again not just the test, you will find HD Love Quotes images to use as whatsapp status ideas.

Love Status for Whatsapp – Romantic status in Hindi :

Main zindagi girvi rakh dunga, tu sirf keemat bata muskarane ki

Jab pyar main pagalpan he na ho to wo pyar kaisa.

Hame kya pata tha ki ishq bhi kuchh hota hai, ek din tum mile or zindagi ishq ban gai.

Rubaru milne ka moka milta nahi roz, isliye is status ko tumhare naam karke main tumko chhu liya.

Kon kahta hai duniya main hamshaql nahi hote, dekh kitna milta hai mera <3 tere <3 se.

1 tu or Teri Mohabbat bas itna kaafi hai zindagi zeene k liye.

Mere pass 100 dil bhi hote to bhi tujhe pyar karne ko kam pad jaate.

Har soch main bas khayal tera ata hai, lab zara se hilte hain or juwan par tera naam ata hai.

Jo main rooth jau to tum mana lena, kuchh na kahna bas seene se laga lena.

Suna hai tum le lete ho har baat ka badla, aajmayenge kabhi tumhe pyar karke.

English Love Status

Chemistry is you touching my mind and it setting my body on fire.

Love is life and only you have the key to unlock it.

I wish to stop time when I’m in your arms because it’s everything i want forever.

Love is the 6th sense to destroy all the other senses.

She is the finest arranged stardust in the universe.

Love is walking in the rain together.

Even if i lost my memory, i swear i will never forget you.

When you kissed me with love in ur heart, you kissed my soul.

I wish i was kissing you instead of missing you.

I’m happiest when i am right next to you.

But true love is durable fire, in the mind ever burning, never sick, never old, never dead, from itself never turning.

When i look into you eyes i know i am in paradies.

Sad Status in Hindi & English for Whatsapp

Being sad is the worst feeling in the world and when you don’t express it all you get depressed and if you have no one to tell it or do not dare to tell the person who have hurt you directly then you have whatsapp status to say it all, show the pain through words, the words that can melt the person and make him say sorry or realize the mistake they did…

We have a collection of Sad Status quotes in Hindi and English for our readers in this post and it will 100% help you out convey your feeling just through a status update, whether you are broken heart in love or hurt in friendship or may be sad by someone who is close to you, copy these whatsapp status updates and put as status to see the magic-

Kabhi kabhi ham kisi k liye utna zaroori bhi nahi hote ham zitna soch lete hain

Toot kar chahna or fir toot jana, baat chhoti si hai magar jaan nikal jaati hai.

Main kyu bolu use ki laut aao, use bhi pata tha kuchh hai nahi mere pass uske sivay

Maine usse puchha dard ki keemat kya hai, boli maine tumhe free main diya hai.

Dard ki bhi apni ek ada hai, wo sirf sahne walo par fida hota hai

Shayad jaha tujhe sirf waqt guzarana tha mujhe saari zindagi.

Rooh se ishq karna baat karo saaheb, is tan ki chahat ko ishq nahi kahte.

Tumne mujhe hasi hasi main kho diya, ab in aasuo main dhundhne ki koshish mat karo.

Nind aane ki dawaiya 1000 hain, na aane ki sirf ek hai – ishq

Chup hun to patthar na samajh mujhe, dil pe asar hua hai kisi apne ki baat ka.

Bada achchha khelte ho dil se, ek khel ratn unko bhi dedo yaaro.

Sad Status in English

I let you in, I f*ck**g let you in and you comepletely destroyed me.

You were all i wanted… but not like this.

Isn’t it sad when you get hurt so much, you can finally say “I’m used to it”

You hurt me more than i deservered because i have loved you more than you derevered.

A person that truly lovees you will never let you go, no matter how hard the situation is.

I hate to say I love you, I hate to say i need you because i know you don’t

I act like i don’t care but deep inside it hurts.

One more time we are strangers, but this time with memories.

I just need that one person who will stand by me no matter what!

Silence is the most powerful scream.

When grief is deepest, words are fewest.

Funny Status in Hindi & English

It takes nothing to put smile on people’s face, today we can’t meet everyone, personally cant message everyone or have a conversation with everyone we know but putting smile on their faces is just a status away with our amusing, hilariously funny shortlines in hindi and english for whatsapp.

You would be loved for your sense of humour if you try a single whatsapp status we are sharing in the funny whatsapp status list….

We have made sure to share only unique funny status in hindi and english, they are origionally written by our writers or shared by the readers of 100status.com community-

Mere dil main rahne walo kiraya kab doge?

Tum itni khoobsurat ho ki maine khud ko aaine main dekh k reject kar diya.

Seekha tha guitar jinhe patane k liye, aaj order aya hain unki shaadi main bajane k liye.

Pahle sabra ka fal meetha hota tha, aaj kal sabra k fal ki shaadi kahin or ho jaati hai.

Suno dil main utarna hai tumhare, seedhe kood jaun ya seedhi lagau?

Ladkiya kahti hain ladke paagal hote hain, fir khud he bolti hain… ham ladko se kam hain kya.

Dil bhi koi khelne ki cheez thi, bol deti tujhe to blue whale game ki last stage tak kilata.

Khush raha karo dosto, kya pata kab shaadi ho jaye.

Kaam esa karo ki log kahe, rahne de bhai main khud kar lunga.

Is duniya main sirf paan wala he sachcha insaan hai jo puchh kar chuna lagata hai.

Mere chakkar main mat rahna, aankh k saath patthar bhi marna jaanti hun.

Tu dost nahin, mere gunahon ki saza hai.

Nazar ka operation to possible hai par nazariye ka nahin.

Suna hai ishq sachcha ho to video call bhi ho jaati hai.

Pyar andha hota hai par shaadi ne sabki aankhe kholi hain.

APne baare main bura mat socho, barna rishtedar or padosi jobless ho jayenge.

Umar utni nahi thi jitne wo sabak sikha k chali gai.

Ladkiya sirf kitchen main achchhi lagti hain or esi soch rakhne wale qabar main.

Dating a south indian girl, she will the strongest password i ever had.