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There is always one person on Whatsapp who keeps on sending a lot of jokes, funny messages etc. Sometimes he sends so much of them that you are totally irritated by him. But let’s agree that the messages that this person sends are most of the times funny. Now the question is where does he get so many funny Whatsapp jokes and messages from? Now we certainly don’t know from where does he get them but for you today we are compiling a list of a lot of funny Whatsapp jokes, witty lines along with funny Whatsapp messages!

Top 100 best funny WhatsApp status ideas & sayings in Hindi & English – hilarious, witty, nasty, nonveg, adult, sarcastic and attitude WhatsApp status.

Top 10 Funny Whatsapp Status Ideas:

I’m not sarcastic, I am just intelligent beyond your understanding.

Love is like fart. If you force it, It’s probably shit.

In order for you to insult me, I would first have to value your opinion.

A relationship is made for two, but some bitches are bad in math.

LET’S F_UCK – All I need is U.’

You can love me, hate me or masturbate screaming my name, it’s the thought that count.

Mirrors can’t talk, lucky for you they can’t laugh either.

Zombies are looking for brain, don’t worry you’re safe.

May god bless you, sick and shameful life.

Some people are beautifully wrapped boxes of shit.

My ex had one very annoying habit – BREATHING

Dear men, life without women would literally a pain in ass.

People have become very naughty on whatsapp.. Even married women have put their status as AVAILABLE.

I am not lazy! I am just at my energy saving mode.

I will marry to a girl who look pretty in her voter id card.

But the question comes, why you need this type of list? The answer is pretty simple to this question. This list has been combined by handpicking the best Whatsapp jokes by our own team. And let’s accept it, not everyone is a funny man, not everyone has the ability to tickle the funny bone. Thus, to help you become a funnier person among your Whatsapp friends we are sharing this list of Whatsapp jokes and messages that  you can send to your friends to become the funny person in the group! And you can even irritate the shit out of that friend who keeps on sending you those jokes which have become boring by now.

Funny whatsapp status

Top Funny Whatsapp Status Quotes in Hindi:

शेर खुद अपनी ताकत से राजा केहलाता है; जंगल मे चुनाव नही होते.. ।।

Just finished blocking some numbers on whatsapp, if you can read this then you got lucky.

हथियार तो सिर्फ सोंख के लिए रखा करते हे ,खौफ के लिए तो बस नाम ही काफी हे

Whatsapp users never die, they just go offline.

I told cashier- I want to open a joint account with anyone who have lots of money.

Changed my iPhone name to titanic it’s syncing now.

Cigarette chhodna sabse asan hai- main hazaro baar chhod chukka hun!


Some more hilarious funny status to share on whatsapp:

When your girlfriend picks a restaurant that is very costly, you just say “Oh yeah, that’s where the really cute girl works”.

A fine is a tax for doing wrong. A tax is a fine for doing well.

Problem with this generation is we first search for a Lover & then fall in Love.

Hello madam, do you want Credit Card? Girl: No thanks, I have a Boyfriend.

Graduation – The process changing one’s status from “Student” to “Unemployed”.

I just need a good Wifi and Wife.

A Good Date ends with Dinner. An Awesome Date ends with Breakfast

Sometimes if your best friend is in love with someone, start finding love. Or a new best friend.

People update whatsapp status in different moods, it can be a motivational update, sad quote, clever or witty short liner or a breakup or lover saying, all such emotions have their own importance but upading a funny whatsapp status really makes difference, it’s all about making your friends smile and there is nothing precious than making people smile.


The best part is that we are giving you more than 100 funny Whatsapp statuses too! What’s even better is that we are not restricting our list to a particular category, we are trying to cover all the categories that we can, and this varies from messages to statuses, from Hindi to English. You name it and we have it. In this list you will definitely find the perfect Whatsapp status that can make even the most serious friend of yours laugh like a little baby.

And believe me, making someone laugh is the best ever feeling in this world. Now go ahead and check our list of top Whatsapp jokes and Whatsapp messages to share with you friends and make then laugh like an idiot! And if you like this list then don’t forget to share it with your friends! And if you don’t mind then you can even share it with your enemies, we won’t have any problem with that!
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