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Sexual Hair Pulling

Are you one of the couples who love experimenting in bed and keep on trying new things? Or has your partner recently communicated that they would like to indulge in something steamy like Sexual Hair Pulling? If not, I suggest you stop reading right here and go have a conversation with your partner about your fantasies because you clearly wish to try new stuff. Once the consent is on, come back here and get to know all you want about Sexual Hair Pulling- when & how to do it to double the fun!

Not many people essentially love the involvement of Hair during sex and we are not talking about just the Hair on the head. But it’s a free world and as they say — ‘To each their own.’ Increasingly though, the kinks seem to have risen in the favor of Sexual Hair Pulling, during foreplay as well as sex. Hold your horses, as we shall briefly get into the tips and tricks of it. First, let’s understand what it is for the unversed. 

What is Sexual Hair Pulling?

What is Sexual Hair Pulling

It is mostly self-explanatory and even if it’s not, you must be familiar with tugging onto the Hair of your partner while being intimately involved in whatever base and capacity. That’s precisely what Sexual Hair Pulling entails. Exceptions aside, there is an increasing number of Women who find pleasure in this act. We will try below to understand where this urge comes from.

Why is Sexual Hair Pulling Pleasurable?

Why is Sexual Hair Pulling Pleasurable

Interestingly, there are factual backings to the mere feeling of pleasure that is attached to Pulling hair sexually. It could be Physiological, Psychological, or simply a Personal Preference.

  • Psychological Reasons: A lot of the Submissive traits that come out in Women sexually are a by-product of Patriarchy and the age-old gender roles which define Women to submit themselves to men. Surely, this is oppressive but it has been so ingrained that it has turned into a Sexual desire for many a woman, although not all. It’d be great if we can break free from the shackles of Patriarchy and just be shackled in bed.
  • Physiological Reasons: Biologically, the Pain and Pleasure nerve centers are found to be closely connected in women. This mainly causes the pain induced from the Hair pulling kink as Pleasure. In addition, playing with hair activates the nerve endings on the neck which is instantly pleasurable for anyone.

How to go about Sexual Hair Pulling?

How to go about Sexual Hair Pulling?

Let’s now cut to the chase. The smart talk is almost over and it’s time to get down to the real business. One last reminder, check with your partner for Consent once again and keep doing it even while you’re at it. Trust us, it doesn’t kill the mood and only ends up making your partner feel more into it. Communicate the boundaries and limitations beforehand, within your comfort levels, as individuals. Even if you wish to violate the boundaries, discuss it and give a heads up which goes a long way.

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Now, Sexual Hair Pulling is a skill you will develop with experience. It’s not simply aggressively tugging the partner’s hair and expecting them to feel good out of it. Give them a great time as they do while they go down on you.

  • Start from the Back slowly and tenderly

Grab the hair from the back of your partner’s head and avoid the Crown area, unless pre-discussed, as it can get painful. Ease into the whole Sexual Hair pulling by kissing your partner on the neck or finding your own special spots on the way so that you’re both comfortable. Initially, it’s better to have a loose grip and you can raise the intensity from there as and when you feel.

  • Get closer to the Scalp using Four Fingers

Using Four fingers as you move ahead gives you a better grip and makes it less painful for your partner. Brush your way closer to the scalp. It activates the nerve endings on the scalp which stimulates your partner sexually. Besides, pulling the hair from the tips and ends can get messy. This is usually the Hair pulling while being in a Doggy Position or a BDSM technique.

  • Now, Grab Plenty of Hair Tightly

Once you have got the groove of it and the build-up is done, you can scrunch a good volume of hair in your fingers tightly and move around with it. This takes the intensity higher and adds roughness to the whole experience if that’s what you are looking for. Needless to say, you need to check with your partner if they are okay with the rough experience. If they give you a thumbs up, you can go on with it.

  • Pull the Hair Downwards

While you indulge in a Hair pulling blowjob with your partner, make sure to scrunch the hair and Pull it downwards to maximize the excitement and minimize pain. This also untangles the hair after you have scrunched the hair. Continue playing with it, brushing downwards, and add it to a mix of brushing the nape of the neck as well to induce pleasure in your partner while Sexual Hair Pulling.

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  • Repeat the Steps 

Once you make sure of all the above pointers, you will slowly start getting a hang of it and would be able to take it forward from there by yourself along with constantly checking in with your partner. You can choose to repeat the steps, do more of what you think is working, or pair it up with stuff you usually do and you’ll get to a customized Sexual Hair Pulling experience, as a couple.


As for us, you are the theoretical Professional at Sexual Hair Pulling by the end of reading this article. We have told you in detail about what works and what doesn’t. So, it’s up to you to apply this theoretical knowledge in bed now, and don’t disappoint us. Also, just don’t be too nervous and approach it with confidence. Else you’ll mess the whole experience up for your partner and yourself. Add some feel to the steps we told you above and you’ll be good to go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How can I communicate my interest in hair pulling with my partner?

Open communication is key. Discuss your desires and boundaries with your partner beforehand to ensure mutual consent and comfort.

Q2. Are there safety concerns related to sexual hair pulling?

Safety is crucial. Gentle hair pulling near the roots is generally safe, but it’s important to avoid excessive force to prevent discomfort or injury.

Q3. What if my partner is uncomfortable with hair pulling?

Always prioritize consent. If your partner expresses discomfort or disinterest, respect their boundaries, and explore other ways to enhance intimacy.

Q4. Can hair pulling be incorporated into BDSM practices?

Yes, hair pulling is a common element in BDSM. Establish clear boundaries and a safe word to ensure a consensual and enjoyable experience for all parties involved.

Q5. Are there different styles of hair pulling for intimate moments?

Yes, from gentle tugs to firmer grips, the style of hair pulling can vary based on personal preferences. Experiment with your partner to find what feels pleasurable for both of you.


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