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There’s no denying the fact that Sex, in our society, is given tons loads of importance. There is just so much hype created around the experience of it that it ranges from being a status symbol to a source of ultimate pleasure. But get it down this big pedestal and you will find that the mainstream ‘Sex’, in isolation, does nothing much. In fact, the real deal is the feeling of passion and satisfaction that comes before or after the act. The actual hero of the arc is the Couple Foreplay! Ask yourself this, Would you be able to enjoy sex as much as you do, without having any build-up or sexual stimulation beforehand? The answer is a clear ‘No’.

Sex would become so mechanical without the magic of a great Couple Foreplay. In this article, we will tell you various ways so that you can amp up your Foreplay game to give your partner extreme pleasure eventually.

What is Couple Foreplay?

What is Couple Foreplay

Traditionally, Foreplay is the series of intimate acts that a couple engages in before having sex. It is targeted at turning on both partners to the extent of wholesome lust and desire. With the expansion in the Sexual Spectrum in terms of gender and sexuality, the horizons of Couple Foreplay have expanded too. Apart from kissing and oral sex, there is a whole lot that couples do to build up the eventual sexual experience. It is simply playing with your partner’s sensations using oral sex toys to make them hot for sex. Following is a list of handpicked tips to help you spice up your sex life.

Tips to Enhance the Couple Foreplay Experience

Without any further ado, let’s get you right into the tips to craze up your Couple foreplay and help you get the fire back into your life.

Use a Blindfold

A pinch of unpredictability and surprise in the foreplay couple goes a long way in keeping the excitement quotient high and running. Blindfold your partner and then continue with the things you were planning to do to them before finally having sex. This can be a great element to keep your partner guessing and getting turned on by unexpected sexiness.

Make Passionate Eye-contact

Make Passionate Eye-contact

If you choose against the Blindfold, be sure to look deep into each other’s eyes. Sexual chemistry is borne off much more than the primary sexual areas of your body. The passion can be experienced just by looking into your partner’s eyes while building up the foreplay. You will be surprised at the manifold contribution of simple Eye contact in rekindling the spark while Couple Foreplay.

Strip for Each Other

Putting up a show for your partner where you strip in front of them and undress them as well along the way is a great way to erotic couple foreplay. Keep it slow and sexy while you’re at it to intensify the sexual stimulation. Another thing you could do is call a stripper for yourselves if you’re both comfortable. The sight of someone else stripping for the both of you could definitely turn you on and you can indulge with each other. Why don’t you indulge in Knife play BDSM and try stripping panties with knives?

Add an Ambience to the Room

Setting up the mood for a great lovemaking session is really important. Light some scented candles, dim the lighting, add fragrances, etc. to amp up the ambiance of the whole space while engaging in a couple foreplay. This adds to the passion and sets the right vibe for a lovely sexual rendezvous.

Masturbate For & With Each Other

Masturbate For & With Each Other

Another arrow in the quiver for hot bedroom foreplay is to masturbate for your partner or try it together. It is not only very hot to have your partner treat you with them masturbating to you but also shows them the ways you like to touch yourself for pleasure so that they can take note and innovate in the future. Don’t go all rapid and jerky while you masturbate to keep extending the foreplay and mix it up with other things.

Kiss With All You Got

For a wholesome sensual play, you should have a fiery foreplay and a lot of lustful longing for each other. Get to kissing and other active sexual activities in Couple Foreplay much later in the episode. Try to delay it for as long as possible by bringing your lips near them but not going for it fully so that your partner is constantly turned on. Finally, when you get to kissing, do it with all this built-up desire in you. Kiss them well and all along the lips and tongue and even the sweeter spots on your partner’s body like the earlobes, the neck, breasts, thighs, etc. This builds a lot of connection sending chills above the spine if done right.

Massage them First

This one tip in your mature couple foreplay is something that you must have seen a lot of in porn, and sure it works. Oiling up your partner and giving a true-blue massage not only relaxes your partner deeply but releases hormones that are pleasure-inducing, which in turn, stimulate your partner sexually. Of course, the sight and feeling of you rubbing your hands across their body is another add-on to turn your partner on for a sensuous couple foreplay. Massaging each other also helps in communicating affection and care which only adds up to the passion while you indulge sexually later on.

Ice It Up

You must be all warmed up from the heat that is building up between you. Ice it up by bringing some Ice from the freezer into the mix. Run it on the stimulation points like the neck, nipples, back, inner thighs, etc. to increase the intensity of desire by suddenly changing the temperature. You could also bring it along while kissing, just keep an ice cube in your mouth while you’re at it and play with the fire and ice.

Get out the Sex Gear

Get out the Sex Gear

For those who are into it, or even the Vanilla couples who would like to try a wild Couple foreplay, you can invest in some Sex Gear like Spanking Paddles or Nipple Clamps in order to up the stimulation game. Nipple Clamps, for instance, can just be clipped with the nipples providing constant excitement while you can run your hands elsewhere across your partner’s body. Spanking of course gets a little rough. You can begin lightly and then slowly experience the rush of pain and pleasure.

Use Fragrant Oils

During a Married couple foreplay, you can play with and try to stimulate all kinds of sensations. In this case, get out the best smelling oils like lavender or rose and apply them all over your body. Any favorite perfume or fragrance that is known to turn your partner on can be used to instigate a powerful couple foreplay.

Sweat It Out

We have curated a completely objective and non-judgmental Couple Foreplay list. Keeping all kinds of kinks and fetishes in mind, you could also try some physical activity at first; run to the gym or do Yoga to make you sweat. A lot of times, the pheromones from the Sweat of your partner can really excite you and make you thirsty for a great foreplay session. You can run into the shower soon after and let the sweat work its magic while you enjoy deep couple foreplay with your partner.

Curate a Sex Playlist

Curate a Sex Playlist

For a lot of people, music is one of the greatest stress busters. Not only does it help in relaxation but also can secrete sexy hormones, if listening to the right kind of music. Couples who have been in long-term relationships can make a playlist that has songs of mutual liking. The music rooted in a personal connection and deep affection goes a long way in spicing up the Married Couple foreplay. Even a list of raunchy and wild music that simply turns you and your partner on should be tried out while indulging in a passionate couple’s foreplay.

Send Kinky Voice Notes

A randy, wild couple foreplay consists of everything personal and pleasurable. For a mature couple foreplay, you need to revisit your dating days when you just couldn’t keep your hands off each other and couldn’t wait to meet and hook up. What works like magic is sending each other Voice notes that are sexually suggestive of things you plan to do to them when you meet. This builds up the excitement from early on and prepares you both for an obsessive couple foreplay.

Cook Together

Another great couple foreplay tip is Cooking together. No, we don’t mean the regular tiring chore of cooking. Play some music, pour a glass of wine, get naked and wear aprons while you cook together so that both the tasty food and the delicious sight of your partner make you hot for an amazing foreplay session. There’s no need to rush the cooking, cut and chop stuff together, or stand and brush against each other to heighten the lustful desire. Try not making out as a challenge!

Eat stuff off each other

Eat stuff off each other

While you are in the kitchen, getting all kinky and naughty, grab some whipped cream and strawberries or chocolate and spread it on your neck or breasts, and eat it off each other to seduce the hell out of your partner. Be safe with the food items though, don’t get too wild and pour a spicy sauce else it could cause skin burns and allergies.

Play a Tease

Teasing sex or physical touch in general is a great way to raise the temperatures in a couple foreplay. There are a lot of ways to do it; get your lips close but don’t kiss, strip but not completely, play hard to get, and just about anything that makes you want each other more. That way, when you finally get together down to the real business, you are just inseparable. You’ll know when your heartbeats are rising and you can’t think of anything else except for getting together with your partner.

Roleplay Your Way into it

To add a bit of newness, you can roleplay as strangers or some fantastical characters to spark up a married couple foreplay. Add name tags, assume roles, invest in costumes and gears, etc. to add as much fun to the roleplay as you can. Meet up as strangers in a hotel lobby or recreate your first date to revisit the same chemistry that you had during your honeymoon phase. Buy into the whole roleplay situation sincerely and you will be surprised how well it works in getting you all high and hungry for some action with your partner.

Build it Up

One last and overall tip is to Build the Couple Foreplay Up as much as you can. Start feeding the excitement in the middle of the day to get ready for the night. Text them, sext even, to get the lust to its peak so much so that you cannot keep your hands off each other as soon as you meet. But hang on! Make them wait, even more, let it stretch even more, and entice them with wilder stuff—wear your sexiest lingerie, decorate the space with candles, etc., and what not. The longer the desire, the better the returns.


As for us, we have enlisted more than enough tips to make your sex life soar back up again. It is up to you now to mix and match a few of your favorites out of these recommendations and be instinctive while implementing them as part of your Couple foreplay. We hope these suggestions were helpful and get you what you want in bed. Take care of what your partner generally likes and try mixing it up a bit & you’ll be good to go. Do let us know how it went for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is foreplay, and why is it important for couples?

Foreplay refers to intimate activities that precede sexual intercourse, including kissing, touching, and other sensual acts. It is crucial for couples as it enhances arousal, fosters emotional connection, and increases overall sexual satisfaction.

Q2. How long should foreplay typically last?

There is no specific time frame for foreplay, as it varies among individuals and couples. However, spending at least 15-20 minutes on foreplay is often recommended to ensure both partners are sufficiently aroused and relaxed.

Q3. Are there different types of foreplay activities?

Yes, foreplay encompasses a range of activities such as kissing, sensual massage, oral sex, and mutual exploration. Experimenting with various techniques can help couples discover what works best for them and adds excitement to their intimate moments.

Q4. How can communication improve foreplay experiences?

Open communication is essential. Sharing fantasies, expressing desires, and providing feedback can enhance the overall foreplay experience. Discussing boundaries and consent ensures that both partners feel comfortable and respected.

Q5. Can foreplay benefit emotional intimacy in a relationship?

Absolutely. Engaging in foreplay builds emotional intimacy by fostering trust and communication. It creates a deeper connection between partners, making the overall sexual experience more fulfilling and meaningful.


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