Slow Motion Spanking of Different Body Types

Slow motion spanking

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I love slow-motion sexy spanking. There’s something about the sensual way that a hand or whip moves through the air in slow motion, especially when it’s landing on a juicy butt, that just gets me going. And I’m not alone; slow-motion spanking scenes are some of the most popular videos on my site. Slow motion spanking is an art, something I always say. If you are like me with a spanking kink, I am writing these modes of spanking therapy keeping you in mind. 

Interestingly, I get a lot of questions from my viewers about how to do slow motion spanking while keeping that mode of spanking sexy with different body types. So, I’ve decided to put together this little guide to help you out. Trust me, once you try it, you’ll be hooked! Everyone I know has a spanking kink. So let’s just delve into spanking therapy.

Tricks of Slow Motion Spanking

Do you know what I am talking about? The whole posture of spanking sexy is to know your partner’s body. You simply can’t go into full force justifying you have a spanking kink. That’s just weird and awkward. Spanking kink takes fruition when sexy spanking becomes a role play including a range of facets within.

Tricks of Slow Motion Spanking

The first thing to keep in mind is that not all bodies are equal. Some people have more fleshy buttocks, while others have bony ones. Some people have wide hips, while others have narrow waists. As such, it’s important to adjust your technique based on the body type you’re working with. The more you are aware of your partner’s body and what they desire. The whole spanking sexy becomes more desirable.

For example, when spanking a person with a fleshier bottom, you’ll want to use your palm or a flat object like a paddle. This will distribute the force over a larger area and prevent bruising. The whole act becomes an important constituent of the act. Sexy spanking is as much dependent on the spanking as sexy as on the ideas of teasing and play of words that accompany it.

If you’re working with someone who has a bony butt, however, you can get away with using your fingertips dogging speeded a bit more force since there will be less padding to worry about. Just make sure that you don’t go too hard; nobody wants to be left with bruises or welts. You surely don’t want the spanking kink to turn into an after a conversation about how you only thought about yourself. That’s just a bad aftertaste. That’s not sexy spanking.

When it comes to positioning, again, you’ll need to make adjustments based on the body type you’re working with. If your partner has wide hips, you’ll want to position yourself so that their hips are between your legs. The entire positioning is simply prime custom for your spanking kink. A very common sexy spanking position will give you better leverage. It will prevent them from wiggling away during the spanking.

If your partner has a narrow waist, however, you can simply stand behind them and reach around their waist to deliver the blows. Sometimes spanking sexy is simply about not overcomplicating things.

And finally, no matter what body type you’re working with, always warm up their bottom before delivering any hard blows. This can be done with your hands, a crop, or even a feather duster if you’re feeling particularly creative. The goal is just to get their skin nice and warmed up so that they’ll be more receptive to the spanking itself. As I mentioned before, sexy spanking methods are not simply about the spanking itself but a whole of other aspects tagging along. The slow nice build-up is an excellent way of creating tensions in spanking therapy.

Starting Tips for Every Session of Spanking Therapy

Starting Tips for Every Session of Spanking Therapy

Like everything else during sessions of sexual play if they’re enjoying it, then keep going! If they seem like they’re in pain, then back off and try something else. Sexy spanking is not about the boasts of your prowess. These are the things you are probably going to need to take note of. 

Start slow and build up speed

This is true for any type of spanking, but it’s especially important when you’re first starting. Go slowly at first and increase the intensity as things heat up. Take this as a master pro tip if you are willing to master the art of sexy spanking.  Not only will this help your partner get used to the sensation, but it’ll also help you gauge their reactions and figure out what they like best.

Use different strokes

Too much of one thing can get boring, so mix things up a bit by using different strokes. Alternate between light slaps, hard smacks, and even spanking paddle strokes. Again, pay attention to your partner’s reactions and adjust accordingly. People with spanking usually enjoy being teased a lot. When they talk about their spanking kink most times basically that is what they mean. So mix it up, sexy spanking is all about variations. 

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Target different areas

The buttocks are the obvious choice when it comes to slow motion spanking, but don’t be afraid to experiment with other areas as well. The thighs, back, and even the soles of the feet can be quite sensitive, just be careful not to hit any bony areas. Talk to your partner regarding this. Ask them if they are liking what you’re doing (but not in an instructional way of course). Check yourself what is turning them on. Talk dirty and use words like “now it’s the time for some spanking therapy.” Not necessarily this but you get the gist. 

Keep Spanking Sexy, People

So there you have it! A few tips and tricks for slow motion spanking of different body types. Remember to take your time, experiment with different techniques, and always warm up your partner’s bottom before delivering any hard blows. Happy sexy spanking folks!


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